Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge for Birmingham Children's Hospital

Hi there,

As you may be aware on the 17th December 2014  I embarked on a little adventure to complete the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge in aid of The Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Here is how it went!


So at 10am on Wednesday I started on my first mountain, Pen y Fan by de Clfn Cwm Llwch. The weather was not too bad and I made good headway and completed the 886m and back in 1 hour 26 minutes.

Once at the bottom I thought I would have a spot of lunch before I left the Brecon Beacons for a 21/2 hour drive to mid-Wales and the 893m Cadair Idris
Unfortunetly by my 4pm start time the weather had closed in and at 300m I had to turn back as it was getting a little dicey and was getting dark. Being on my own and not having climbed this particular peak before (especially in the dark) I thought I should be safe, rather than sorry!

Instead I headed to North Wales towards my base camp at the foot of Mount Snowdon. I thought I could get up Snowdon during the night has I have done a couple of times before but the weather was still poor and a touch of fatigue had set in from the injury I picked up last week so once again I hedged my bets.
Upon waking on Thursday morning the weather was still closed in so I decided not to start my ascent until 1pm. This I did and managed to get from Pen y Pass to the summit in 1 hour 21 minutes and 56 seconds by the Pyg Track via Bwlch y Moch. At the summit gales swept through at gusts of 65-70 mph making it difficult even to stand up! Here I met two army lads at the top (big up to Billy and Charlie), who gave me a hot drink before I ran back down in heavy rain and very poor visibility – not too bad in 43 minutes and 22 seconds, especially as on my descent I had a bit of a tumble and took the skin off my right knee. Dicey times!!!

Overnight I camped in the Ogwen Valley but had decided that I must complete the 3 peaks so I drove back to Cadair Idris on Friday morning and hallelujah……….good weather!!!!
I am really glad I did this as Cadair Idris is a beautiful mountain that I have never climbed before, it really does have some gorgeous views and I highly recommend that if you get the chance you should all venture up there. Up and down in 1 hour 54 minutes by the Pony Path from Ty Nant. As the Screaming Eagles of 101st Airbourne say ‘Curahee’!

What an experience I had, I am so pleased and proud of myself for completing this. My only negative is that due to the poor weather I didn’t do it in 15 hours.
Saying that I am very proud in my timings, all 3 mountains up and down……5 hours 35 minutes. The whole trip was completed in 52 hours. What an adventure and I cannot wait to do more for the hospital.

So what is next I hear you say…….I may have slipped in a separate event. In year 2015 I have set myself to take on challenge after challenge in Triathlons and raise some money for the Education for the Children .

I think that all children deserve to grow up safe, to be healthy, to get an education, to rest and play ..

Thank you all for reading this and of course the fantastic support I have received from you all.
Thank you very much to all my supporters as it's give me great pleasure in giving the Birmingham Children's Hospital a cheque for £1351.80
All of these achievements wouldn't be true without your financial assistance
Once again, many thanks and I’ll see you soon!
Lucy Lu x

Me and my friend and major  sponsor Mark Allen, Zenith Tax ltd

Me and my friend and major  sponsor Mark Allen, Zenith Tax ltd

Snowdon 1085m was hardest one for very bad weather. A wet and wind above 500m westerly 50mph with gusts 70mph over the highest summits
Visibility moderate to poor in rain
And heavy rain on the way down.
But I didnt give up :)