I dont diet! As an athlete, you should never diet to lose weight. Instead, create positive habits that yield long-term. Athletes who go on crash diets seldom have success over the long term.

First off I eat breakfast. This is a good time to take in any starchy carbohydrates you may eat as well as plenty of protein and fat. Breakfast is the bedrock of a day of good eating.

  • I also drink a lot water, tea, or even coffee.

  • I eat fruits and veggies as and essential source of vitamins and minerals.

  • My each meal include 20- 30 of protein

  • I dont count my calories - its a dangerous and distracting game for the training athlete!

  • I dont do cheat meals - there is nothing wrong with eating a few fried chips every now and then. I am better off allowing myself to enjoy small amounts of my favorite low-quality foods daily than you are saving them up for the weekend and then going nuts.

  • and I also cut refined sugar and I see many improvements

  • Fat is the greatest source of energy - Dietary fat is essential to human life. Believe it or not we can live without carbohydrates. But we cannot survive without protein and fats in our diet. IMPORTANT - you need to be careful as to how much you are having as it can easily push your calories too high.

Another tip how to prepare for your Triathlon Race is:

Practice to remove wetsuit quickly: 

Strip the arms and upper torso off as you are coming up to T1.  When you get to your bike rack, sit down and strip the legs off.  Also, use some sort of lubricant prior to putting it on.  Some people use cooking spray, but that will eventually break down the neoprene.  What I use is called "TriSlide" and you can get it from any tri store.  Spray it on the inside of the legs, and they will slide on and off much easier at T1.