TriHIIT workout day 1

LEVEL 1 - Beginners

  • Novices triathlete 2-3 strength workout a week

Strength training is a vital part of triathlon for all triathletes. However, it will not make you a better athlete on its own, so make sure you don't spend hours in the gym or workout out pumping iron at the expense of swim, bike, or run time.

  • Life style choice and beginners 5-6 workout a week

Whetever you are just starting out or starting again, this easy workout will help you improve your physique and fitness level and if you do high reps so your heart rate goes up then you burn fat, flatten your belly and strengthen your core.

20 x lunges each leg

10 x burpees

10 x push ups

20 x mountain climbers

40 x high knees

do 2 rounds for burning fat or 1 round at a fast tempo 

exercise demonstration see bellow