America's favourite energy bar, CLIF Bar is designed to help keep on-the-go, whenever and wherever you need a boost.

Fitness fans know the importance of the benefits of protein, but sometime it can be difficult to find a convenient way of getting optimum amount needed before or after workout.

CLIF Builder's is the great tasting protein bar that makes every ingredient count, to help make the most of workout , and is now available in many different flavors. These include Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Hazelnut, Cookie n Cream and my favourite Vanilla Almond.

Available in  just £1.95 per bar and use promo code DOLPHINCSDA4 to get 5% off your order. 

CLIF Builder's is not designed as a meal replacement. If a bar is needed instead of balanced meal, it should be accompanied by small snack such as a yoghurt, half sandwich or piece of fruit.

What's more, unlike other protein bars, CLIF Builder's is free from hydrogenated oils and sugar alcohol. Suitable for vegans and certified kosher containing healthy and natural ingredients like organic oat fibre, nuts, cocoa, peanut butter and organic soy protein, the bars are formulated to optimise balances nutrition, with ratio of 40/30/30 of carbohydrates/protein/fat. sources of fat include nuts and sunflower oil - both of which are considered to be healthier fats.

CLIF Builder's can be enjoyed on-the-go either before or after exercise as a convenient source of protein that bod7 needs for growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Based on my experience with CLIF Builder's Bars I will definitely be getting more and will continue to incorporate them into my training for my next GB Age Group Olympic Distance Qualifier at Worthing in late August 2016.

A BIG thanks to CLIF for sending me some bars to try and also providing a pack of Builder's Bars for me to give away to one lucky reader. Comment on this post with what flavor you would like to try and share this post for chance to win. I will select the winner next week.