I'll be reviewing product called Nuzest nutrition for life. Visit Nuzest.co.uk
GOOD GREN STUFF is the higher levels of vitamins and minerals, unparalleled foundational nutritional support in one daily serving and vegan friendly.
CLEAN LEAN PROTEIN is complete vegetable protein for vitality, muscles, bones and repair. High protein+low carb+very low sugar available in vanilla, cappuccino, chocolate or strawberry flavours. -ideal for weight management
-easy to digest
-vegan and free from gluten, dairy and soy
-100 % chemical-free
It's quick and easy to use.
I'll take Clean Lean Protein during the day as a snack or post workout. 
One sachet 20g to a shaker containing 250-350 ml of water, milk, coconut water. Or I'll use it in my smoothies, pancakes, baking. 
Let's see if I can improve myself in my qualifier race for Age Group GB Team! 👍🏼 #triathlete #triathlon#nutrition #getfit #triathlonlife #healthy #swimming#cycling #running #scottbikes #nuzest