Here I am 😞 
Not happy. A particularly tough swim with south westerly Force 6 blowing. Very windy race! Sea swim was very choppy as I have no experience with sea swim so I have lost a lot time! 
bike @loves_scott_bikes amazing, bit hilly and nice rain cool me down. Run great but very windy on the way back. It was an amazing experience and I loved every minute.. 
I have learnt a lot in this race and know what I have to improve. I spent 1 year of my life doing triathlons and only started to swim properly 3 months ago. But I love triathlons and my motivation now are different from year ago. 
So I came 14th of 23rd in my Age Group

Swim 1.5km 32:10
T1 1:19
Bike 41km 1:18:31(1926ft elev)
T2 1:05
Run 10km 47:18
for now I'll be waiting if the roll down place will be offered to me!
I will fight till I'll get where I want to be

Those photos don't really do the sea justice on how it really was 😂