“My goggles fogged up and my wetsuit seemed intent on drowning me.”

As I stepped into the Ben Nevis Brave Heart Triathlon on Saturday the 3rd of October to compete in my Triathlon Charity Challenge.
It was my last Triathlon in 2015 race season and I wasnt trained properly for it due to my leg injury. So I decided night before the race to compete in half Triathlon.

All went well until I missed the turn back point when cycled. So I decided to finish full Tritahlon as I said myself that I have nothing to loose and will be great challenge to my Charity donation.
So I swam 900m in 25min 41 sec
Cycle 90km in 2hr 54mins
Ran Ben Nevis summit 20,9km in 4hrs 16 mins

As I was completely unprepared for full Triathlon as distance was same as half of Ironman distance. It wasn’t until 8 hours and 2 minutes later that I realized my thought probably should have been: “I hope I finish”.
As I finally, finally crossed the finish line, I found myself thankful that I finished at all, indebted to my family and the Marshalls who willed me on and moved by the amazing show of support from my fellow triathletes. 

So I have completed my Charity Triathlons Challenge 2015.

I have competed in 12 Triathlons, Snowdon Race to raise money for the Education For The Children.

Thank you all for reading this and for all your support.
Donate online please


                                                                    ..WE NEED YOU..

                                                                    ..WE NEED YOU..

Now its a time relax and get ready for next year race season 2016!