So I have my little life goal list which I’m working my way through and I get a little rush every time I check one of the goals off.

  1. Become a GB Age Group Triathlete.

  2. Race in  Olympic Triathlon Distance and ETU Championships.

  3. See my family more often and give them money to enjoy themselves.

  4. Coach triathlon, cycling and help people with their mental and physical struggles, sharing my outdoor passion and motivating others.

  5. Live in Yorkshire Dales in the little log cabin.

  6. Get Experience and Travel with British Triathlon Team

  7. Train with Leeds Triathlon squad.

  8. Fundraise for the children, injured athletes, soldiers and their families.

  9. Have a slow simple, quiet, gentle life

  10. Take my mum, auntie and cousin to the big waterfall.

  11. Take my sister and her children for a holiday.

  12. Visit children in Guatemala.

  13. Doing less harm in the world

  14. Fundraise for charities

  15. Learn how to play piano.

  16. Have a triathlon coach

  17. Have a husky or wolf dog.

  18. Support my native village.

  19. Achieved Level  3 UKCC Triathlon Coach, Level 2 Swimming Coach

  20. Run 10km under 40 minutes.

  21. Help others and save lives.

  22. Walk Pacific Crest Trail for charity.

  23. Travel, hiking, wild camping.

  24. Get  experience in Mount Everest Base Camp

  25. Find the way to challenge myself to be better version of me...