I am proud to be on a board with Sundried and happy to answer their question. Read more about my story how I became as an Triathlete.


What is the hardest battle you’ve had to overcome through triathlons?

Ha thats a question. The right balance of stress and recovery. We need stress to bring about adaptation. Stress can be your best friend when it comes to pursuing athletic goals, but it can also easily become the worst enemy.

What has been your favourite race to date?

I have enjoyed all my races. I clearly remember every race, the way I was thinking and pain I was going through, but I really enjoyed the Liverpool Olympic Distance Triathlon on 26th of July 2015. It was the distance I prefer and there were GB Elite athletes leading us. They inspired me and I have since chosen to try to qualify in the Age Group GB Team 2017 Championship in Austria.

What are your training goals?

My goals are to make improvements in my performance and be proud of the results. I want to train with Leeds Triathlon Centre and become a top triathlete, raising money for the Education for the Children and HouseHold Cavalry charity, people and children in need.

Talk us through a typical training regime?

I work part time in a Garden centre and as I don’t drive this requires me to cycle there. It’s a steep hill and 3 mile road which I’m doing daily, so it’s a good warm up ride. I also have to cycle to do my food shopping but that’s not training!

My basic training regime at the moment is as follows:

Monday: Strength training am. Swim session pm.

Tuesday: Swimming, stretching and yoga am. Long running with Launceston Runners club.

Wednesday: Active rest morning swim. Bike ride 90 minutes

Thursday: Time Trial ride at 60-70% of my maximum heart rate. MTB ride to work 10 miles to recover

Friday: Swimming am. MTB ride to work 10 miles  Running Intervals and pm swim.

Saturday: Strength training am. MTB ride to work 10 miles

Sunday: Long ride 2-3 hours.

I plan all my workouts in advance but change my schedule depending on how I feel and if there is an event or race I’m taking part in.

What do you do for recovery?

More often than not, my recovery will consist of light activity. Lighter intensity training, for a shorter session. The goal of this session is not to build fitness, power, speed, or endurance, rather, it is to move blood around the body to enable the recovery processes to occur and to maximise rejuvenation. But sometimes it is necessary to take a day away from the sport, even if only for a mental or an emotional break, I take those days too.

Quite simply, sleep is the most important piece of recovery. Along with fueling, sleep is the biggest factor in performance recovery that I need. Sleep is when the majority of recovery occurs. I try to get eight or more hours of sleep per night, sometimes if it's not possible then I’ll aim for at least seven hours per night on a regular basis.

What made you decide to race for Education for the Children and HouseHold Cavalry?

I like to help others but am not bless enough financially to do so on my own. I make just enough to train and study as much as possible. I dream of being part of the GB age grouper team and being able to get more support for children of war, the children are our future!

I had a good childhood and wish to help children in need, to give them an opportunity to become whatever they want to be. I work and train hard for them, one day I would like to go and visit the children I’ve helped in their village.

I like to support HCF because the  horses are close to my heart and I worked around them since I was 9 years old, I feel happy to support the HCF for the welfare of the serving and retired horses, as the HCF ensuring that their offer the best care for for the horses, supporting injured soldiers who left Afghanistan and their thoughts turn the future, where their need to prepare for not just physical injuries but the long term psychological injuries such as Post Traumatic Disorder.

The HCF provides a vital support role that works to improve all servings and ex members of the Houeshold Cavalry.



Who is your training inspiration?


Firstly the Brownlee brothers, but also an athlete named Hannah Drewett U23 Elite GB team European, who I met a few weeks ago. I had the chance to watch Hannah win the Equalizer Middle Distance 2016 and she has a great character, sense of good will and was even happy to take pictures with me after racing for 5 hours!




Another inspiration of mine is Jack Campbell who I met in the Moorings hotel before he went into the wild. The ex- soldier managed to climb 282 Scottish mountains all over 3000ft in just four month raising £25000 for the Household Cavalry and Parkinson’s UK before deciding to set up life in the wild with 23 others for channel fours Eden, away from the modern world in an isolated community. I like to raise money for his regiment as I had always hoped I would join the military.

One day I would love to train with the Leeds squad or Hannah Drewett and I’d love to meet Jack again and  the Brownlee brothers.

Why work with Sundried?

I’ve chosen to work with Sundried because they are excited about adventure, fitness, the outdoors and inspiring others. Sundried help others to reach their goals and keep them motivated. I’m delighted to be part of the team, representing the brand on my journey and sharing the ethos with other athletes.

What does the future hold for Lucy Scott?

So I have my little life goal list which I’m working my way through and I get a little rush every time I check one of the goals off.

  1. Become a GB Age Group Triathlete.

  2. Race in  Olympic Triathlon Distance and ETU Championships.

  3. See my family more often and give them money to enjoy themselves.

  4. Coach triathlon, cycling and help people with their mental and physical struggles, sharing my outdoor passion and motivating others.

  5. Live in Yorkshire Dales in the little log cabin.

  6. Get Experience and Travel with British Triathlon Team

  7. Train with Leeds Triathlon squad.

  8. Fundraise for the children, injured athletes, soldiers and their families.

  9. Have a slow simple, quiet, gentle life

  10. Take my mum, auntie and cousin to the big waterfall.

  11. Take my sister and her children for a holiday.

  12. Visit children in Guatemala.

  13. Doing less harm in the world

  14. Fundraise for charities

  15. Learn how to play piano.

  16. Have a triathlon coach

  17. Have a husky or wolf dog.

  18. Support my native village.

  19. Achieved Level  3 UKCC Triathlon Coach, Level 2 Swimming Coach

  20. Run 10km under 40 minutes.

  21. Help others and save lives.

  22. Walk Pacific Crest Trail for charity.

  23. Travel, hiking, wild camping.

  24. Get  experience in Mount Everest Base Camp

  25. Find the way to challenge myself to be better version of me...

Sundried are proud to have Lucy on board with us, what an inspirational athlete! Her story is phenomenal and we will do everything within our power to support her journey to success, she certainly puts in the effort!

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Meta description: Lucy Scott triathlete tells Sundried her journey from horse mucker to triathlete racing for charity.