I was only only three years old when my dad kick my mum, my sister and me out of the house so my mum took me and my sister up to the mountains far away from our family, my friends and native village.

Every day,  I looked through the window at the mountains and imagine that over those mountains is my family that I should just climb them and be back home. But I couldn’t leave my mum even I was very angry at her so I just have to learn to deal with it.


One day, and I remember that day very well. I looked through the window at the mountains and imagine how could I have a different future. It was the moment that made me reach these goals years later.

There is nothing on earth that can motivate you to reach your life goals more than a big dream that you want so badly. If you don’t have a dream right now then quickly take sometime to find one because its going to be fuel that will keep you going until you reach your goals.

Reaching my dream is not easy at all. I had to leave my mum, new friends and my country. I did have to learn to speak another language and was starting from the zero again. Many times I wanted to gave up and go back home but my dream kept me going.

I had real bad days. I went through few depression and that’s where I learned about myself a lot. I was missing my family every day and it was stopping me from reaching my goals so I thought it will be easier to split up with them and keep going. After few years going nowhere because of depression not having the family support and of not being strong enough to win my race or even run faster I have realised that I have to change the way I was thinking! I went to live back in to the mountains because it was reminding me my mum how strong she was and how hard she worked to feed me and my sister even she never show out any emotion.

I started to run the mountains to set my mind in right direction. To find a reason of being here and then  I have visited Birmingham Childrens Hospital and decided to raise some money for the children who are happy for every day even their very sick but can give you the warmest smile you can see!

I have ran 3 Welsh highest mountains and raise £1500 for the children.

It was the one of amazing feelings I ever have. From there  I wanted to help even more but also to reach my dream being an athlete ! So I step into triathlons because I couldn’t swim so it was a challenge for me. I just started to swim most of days and after a while got quiet confidence and started to participate in local races. I was really lucky that I met Mark Allen who supported me with a gear and bike so I could race. I managed to learn little bit about triathlons and gave me a chanceto met Brownlee brothers but firstly to see my family again. Triathlons helping me to be back in game and feel good! I really wanted to improve and race for Great Britain to show them how much I appreciate their help on my journey to reach my childhood dream being an athlete and make my family proud of me, and fundraise money for people and children in needed.

Last year it was my first year that I started to compete in Triathlons and I have managed to qualified in Age Group GB Team Duathlon Championship in 2017.

I started to take my training seriously and not just for fun and to keep fit. I really want to improve and start to winning. So I have many heroes and role models that I look up and I get inspired by them all I couldn’t just pick one person but the list would include my family, friends, training buddies, my coaches and one of my friend who is inspiring me the most who crashed on his motorbike into a tractor and as a result he lost his right arm above the elbow and now he is Paratriathlete and adventure sport enthusiast who raced for Ireland in 5 international competitions and 10th in the world and do swim 750m in around 15 mins with one arm.

So I did achieved one of my goals and you can do it as well. Thanks all British people and friends who I met in my journey and who are supporting and helping me all the way throughout and the biggest thanks to my family to be there for me again!

You just need to get out there be great because you never know who you are inspiring.