Sundried Activewear


Sundried Activewear

First off I love the functionality of this product, not only is it a breathable well fitted piece of kit, but the designers had the forethought to include a discreet back zip pocket - ideal for keys and a bank card. I went for run in the early morning sun and reaching the Cornish hills (6 km from home) I was beginning to get a bit of a sweat on. The fabric drew the sweat away from my body keeping me cool and allowing me to run freely and comfortably.

Sundried is a responsible brand organically grown by people who are care. We are all athletes ranging from surfers through to triathletes or just fitness freaks. We have a shared passion of the outdoors and training.

Sundried is a premium ethical activewear brand for men and women with a heritage in triathlon and outdoor pursuits.

Our clothing is hand made with premium fabrics and materials. Our designers have designed for the world’s best activewear brands.

We are mindful of the environment and people in our supply chain every step of the way.

Sundried fabrics and materials are responsibly sourced and we give 5% of our revenues to charity, currently Water for Kids, in a way that engages our customers.

As I continue to build my Triathlon running and  I look forward to my next run with my Sundried kit, the quality is far above pretty much every piece of kit I own.



Sundried respect the natural surroundings and produce our products ethically in partnership with The Low Carbon Initiative.

Women's Activewear

Sundried Breithorn Bra

Size XS   S   M   L        £45


The Breithorn Bra - Support your Sport

Inspired by the beauty in simplicity, this is the perfect base for all activewear outfits, ready to sweat in style. The Breithorn bra offers medium support for multi-sport training up to a C cup.  Designed with moisture wicking, breathable 4 way stretch materials that lock down movement and support your sport. The mesh racer back allows extra ventilation during tough sessions enhancing full range of motion in a flattering and supportive fit. Make a statement by revealing a dash of the aurora red colour through our Tour Noir Tank.



Tour Noir Tank £45

Directional with Functional Elegance  

Size   XS   S   M   L

Colour  White, Black

Inspired by being out there doing it differently, the Tour Noir Tank fuses the dramatic scenery of nature's own gym with urban skylines and sleek stylish design. Style meets mobility with the mesh racer back and unique cut outs engineered to provide the ultimate ventilation and freedom of movement. Crafted from sweat wicking, quick drying and supportive fabric. Perfect teamed with coordinating leggings and layered with the aurora red Breithorn Bra.


  • Stylish tapered fit with smooth 4 way stretch
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Mesh racer back design with stylish cut out sides to ensure maximum mobility
  • Shape holding, stay true material, for long lasting colour and fit

Ruinette Tight

Superior Style and Substance    £75

Size   XS   S   M   L

Colour:  Black

Inspired by the peak of Mount Ruinette, these tights are designed to be a cut above the rest, with a streamlined fit to create a smooth, aerodynamic silhouette and 4 way stretch fabric for complete freedom of movement. Featuring an elasticated and drawstring waist for a completely personalised fit with flatlock seams for added comfort. Keep safe with reflective strip lining to the thighs to enhance visibility and a secure back pocket for valuables.


  • Elasticated waist with drawstring for an adjustable fit.
  • Secured zip pocket for valuables.
  • 4 way stretch materials for freedom of movement.
  • Reflective strips for enhanced visibility.
  • Stay true material, for long lasting colour and fit.

Men's Activewear

The Dom Tank    £45

Size   XS  S  M  L  

Colour: Red, Black

Freedom of Movement and Technical Performance

Inspired by the highest Swiss mountain The Dom is designed to embrace physical demands and push your performance, with all the features you love from The Dom T Shirt, plus the freedom of being sleeveless. Four way stretch materials with flatlock seams provide a streamlined athletic look, featuring sweat-wicking technology to keep you cool and comforted when you need it most. Your safety is a priority with a zip fastening back pocket to hold valuables and reflective shoulder strips to light the night.


  • 4-way stretch fabric for greater mobility and shape that lasts
  • Tapered athletic fit
  • Reflective shoulder blades for increased visibility
  • Hidden back pocket for zip-secured storage
  • Sweat wicking technology for a comfortable dry fit


The Roteck Legging - Mens   £75

Size  XS   S   M   L

Colour: Black

Technology with Confident Style

Inspired by sleek city skylines The Roteck Legging features a streamlined fit for optimal movement with flatlock seams and moisture wicking materials  to provide prolonged comfort, so you can concentrate on your performance. An elasticated waistband and drawstrings allow for a personalised fit, with a hidden inside pocket to keep small valuables safe. Reflective cuffs line the ankles for increased safety and confidence in low light conditions.


  • Elasticated waist with drawstring for an adjustable fit.
  • Secured zip pocket for valuables.
  • 4 way stretch materials for freedom of movement.
  • Reflective ankles for enhanced visibility.
  • Stay true material, for long lasting colour and fit.

The Furgler Short   £90

Size S   M   L

Function not short of style

Inspired by the warmer climates of Australia, home of the Furgler summit, the Furgler shorts are designed to provide a comfortable, cool fit. Tailored to sit just above the knee the Furgler shorts offer a ventilated fit with two pouch pockets on the hips and an elasticated and drawstring waistband for a personalised fit. Crafted with quick drying, tear and abrasion free fabrics to deliver durability, this short can also be worn as smart casualwear due to its tailored fit. Reflective strips line the hem for increased visibility in low light conditions.


  • Elasticated waist with drawstring for an adjustable fit.
  • Pockets for valuables.
  • Shorter length for freedom of movement.
  • Reflective strips for enhanced visibility.
  • Durable, stay true materials, for long lasting colour and fit.



Wetsuit - What to look for

A well - fitting wetsuits should be close - fitting and have enough stretch to allow good arm and shoulder mobility. Whether your wetsuit or tri suit for the race, it needs to be comfortable. Always check International Triathlon Union (ITU) rules about the use of wetsuits, as regulation vary depending on the temperature of the water.

Buying a wetsuit - What to look for ? 

  • Comfortable and fit - a suit needs to be snug to your body but flexible enough in the shoulders, legs and crotch to offer you free movement of swimming
  • Thickness/thinness - many companies now use 4-5 mm for the body, but thinner neoprene for the body.
  • Buoyancy - many now offer extra buoyancy in the legs - great for sinkers but hindrance to those who don't need it.
  • Sealants - wetsuits  should let some water in the form a layer your body and the suit to keep you warm. Sealants at the neck and wrists should stop water from flushing through, but watch out for tightness.
  • Ease of getting off - quick transitions are essential. The ideal suit will pull on easily, require little adjustment and slide off effortlessly in T1.
  • Extra features - some wetsuits  offer core control panels, arm panels to improve catch and hold on the water and extra high cut or coated cuffs for quick removal.

Budget Wetsuits

Orca Equip

Is a simple looking suit with striking camouflage marks on the shoulder panels and arms. Thick 4 mm panels from chest to knee, and in the lower back, offer great buoyance and body positioning from top to toe.
It offers great flexibility under the arms that allows for a free arm movement with after-aches in the shoulders.
The suit also boasts a "hydrostroke forarm panel" to catch the water.
VERDICT - a great entry level suit with buoyancy and flexibility for open water newbies.

Huub Aegis 2

A suit offering full smoothskin and 3:5 ratio buoyancy. Japanese smoothskin materials designed for low drag co-efficiency.
Unrivalled 3mm neoprene for correct buoyancy level and all overbody flexibility. High stretch lining combined with thinner and more flexible outer smooth skin.Neoprene flexibility, thickness and stretch combination unmatched in the industry.Multi-panel shoulders and chest designed to allow neoprene grain stretch that conforms to body shape and stretch.
Speed cut ankle for easy release in transition.
Verdict - Unrivalled comfort and leg buoyancy for the skinner swimmer

Zone 3 Aspire

Zone 3’s mid-level suit offers stunning performance at a very good price. The fit is slim with tight wrists that keep water out and a low, unobtrusive neckline. The ends of the legs, which are made of stretchier neoprene for a fast exit, didn’t seem to make as snug a seal, though speed seemed unaffected by this. Shoulder flexibility is astonishing at this price point with no noticeable restriction. Buoyancy is impressive, with 5mm neoprene to the knees raising the legs and supporting the core without getting in the way of swimming naturally. The catch panels had no discernable ‘feel’ against the water, but didn’t hurt pulling the suit off quickly. A close second to the HUUB in speed, flexibility and comfort, at just over half the price.
Verdict - If you want a high-end performing suit at a low-end price, there’s none better.

Xterra Vortex 4

If you want a high-end performing suit at a low-end price, there’s none better.
Suit is worn by more Ironman and 70.3 athletes than any other and its little brother, the Vortex, is no slouch either. The suit is fully coated for hydrodynamics and the 1.5mm arms take care of shoulder flexibility, allowing an unencumbered stroke. Buoyancy from the 5mm front/3mm back is really positive for sinky-legged swimmers; tipping you forward slightly to glide over the top of the water, and allowing for an easy kick. The lined interior and stretchy neck keep things comfortable, even during sighting when swimming over long distances. Simple catch panels had no extra feel against the water for us, but the suit was fast and comfy. However, the sizing came up large on our testers and the looks are a little basic.
Verdict - A comfortable, flexible, fast and highly buoyant suit at a great price.

2XU T:3 Team

This entry-level wetsuit, available exclusively through Wiggle, offers many of the benefits – and the cool looks – of 2XU’s higher-end models. The shoulders are flexible enough to allow the arms to swing freely, which is partly down to the stretchy, uncoated material under the arms. All testers found the neck a bit restrictive at first, but quickly got used to it. The torso, with Velocity Strake grooves designed to help forward tracking, feels strangely stiff at first, but the suit is superbly buoyant and two of our testers who are prone to ‘snaking’ found it kept them on the straight and narrow and helped control body rotation. It feels completely different to the other suits here, and comes highly recommended for weaker or new swimmers who’ll love the support.
Verdict - A buoyant, supportive and fast suit, great for beginner triathletes or weaker swimmers.



Brooks Features Pureflow 5

I have got these Brooks Features Pureflow 5 neutral women's running shoes deliver from myIDASS.Com sponsor to testing them before and during my Qualifier Triathlon Race in Shropshire on 29/5.
Their lightweight , agile ride that matches me stride for stride.
Rounded heel provides better alignment, minimizing stress on joints and wraparound heel comfort collar treats feet to an ultra-plush feel.
Great for rad running
Weight 7.8 oz
Midsole drop 4mm
Ideal for medium to high arches