Its  12 weeks to my  Triathlon to qualify for Great Britain Age Group Team 2017 Kitzbuehel ETU Standard Distance Triathlon Championship.

I have promised to you to share my preparation with you. So this is how I do.

 Becoming a more efficient Triathlete is key if I want to keep advancing in the sport. That I have applied for Triathlon Coach Course.

I am so excited for taking the next step starting to train the Functional strength for Triathletes. This work can help me of all levels overcome muscular imbalances en route to becoming stronger, more efficient, and less injury-prone.

The principle of specificity states that triathletes must dedicate substantial training time to swimming, cycling, and running. Yet spending all our training time in these pursuits is a recipe for overuse injuries.

This is where supplemental strength training becomes an indispensable tool in the triathlete’s repertoire.