It was my first triathlon and I was very excited. Never have done anything like that before. But because I like training and new things and HIIT cardio that I wanted to try it.

As my swim is not the strongest part that I competed in 00:13:10 Grateful the swim is over and even more grateful that I am doing the sprint distance (400m swim, 20km bike and 5km run) I jump onto my bike - after finally locating it. The bike part goes well, I seem to be flying and my legs are full of energy. But the ride oon the way back was pretty hard for very strong wind. Tying to stay on a road and still keep pedaling that I was wishing to carry my back and run the last few miles.  I wasnt  pleased with my bike time of 00:54:41  but secretly even more pleased at overtaking quite a few men on the course, but now my mind turns to preparing for the run.

As i havent done road run for shin splints injure  I had no real idea how I will feel. But half run was in sand on the beach and finishing run was up hill that my leg was okay. Not really thinkning about the pain through the race because all what I am thinking its to get best of me! 

Because every my race I am raising a money for my sponsors charity EFTC thats very pushing me to go harder.

Wasnt   satisfited with my results but gave me a lot exprience and motivation for my another race.

Because if this is the way how I can help the children then I will go until I cant. 

Overall my time was 01:35:26. I had hoped to get 1:30 and maybe I will next time.