As I had to work before the race I was pushed for time and only just made it to the start line at Coed y Brenin with a minute to spare.  With no time to warm-up or get a bottle of water I was not in the best of condition for my first ever fell run.  It was 8.5 miles and I didn't have a clue what was going on.  I told myself just keep on running and you will eventually get to the finish line.

The first 20 minutes was very hard with not doing a warm-up but I was determined to think only positive thoughts and although my legs felt heavy and I was dealing with shin splints I was focusing on both the tempo and finding a comfortable position.  It was a sunny hot day and I felt very relieved when I finally reached the water point at the 5 mile mark.  With water now in me I felt more comfortable.  The group of runners were probably in a finish but a few ran alongside me which helped push me to keep going.  A few times I wanted to give up from the pain of the shin splints but I tried to to focus on the children I am raising the money for and this spurred me on.  Thinking of the daily hardships they face helps me push towards my goal of raising as much as I can for them.  I'm lucky, I am fit and healthy and from this I can try to benefit those poor unfortunate children.

At last I could see the finish line and passing it I felt elated I had completed the race although I felt like I had no legs for a while after.

After a few minutes rest I joined the other contestants in watching the winners receive their prizes.  Although it had been a hard race I felt exhilerated and was very glad I had made it in time to participate in this challenging event.  The atmosphere was great and again I met really nice people.  As running is not my best strenth I was quite proud to finish in a time of 1.31.18 and finished 9th in a field of 31 female runners.

Let me now invite you to my next challenge, the triathalon at Sir y Fflint on 26th April.  Please support me and donate to my charity.  We need you.