Since my first triathlon in Harlech I have focused my training more on my running and swimming.  With only one week to train and having no real idea of what I need to do to improve, I sought out an experienced swimming coach.  We did a series of drills to improve my form and technique which helped me to complete my swim in 00.08.15.
Grateful for this time, I leapt onto the bike and surprisingly I seem to be flying and my legs feel good at this point considering the focus of my training had been the swimming and running.  I completed the cycling in 00.43.05.
The very flat run held no fear for me this time and I felt fairly comfortable as I completed the running in 00.26.41.
With an overall time of 01.21.46 I am aiming to get this to under 01.15.00 at my next race on 26th April at the Sir Y Fflint Sprint Triathalon.
A great event and a great experience where I picked up some helpful tips and met lots of new people.