Going to Vegan

Going vegan is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

While a vegan lifestyle make me happier knowing that I am  doing less harm in the world, I need to explore other options to deal with my negative thinking patterns and feelings of inexplicable misery coming from my injury knowing that I won’t be able to race in triathlon this year. 

But practicing mindfulness, and the attention it requires, also  lead me to bridge the gap between the beauty in the world and my own internal darkness, letting in a glimmer of light.

Vegan lifestyle, as well as a rewarding my new career. I’m passionate about my love for Yorkshire, that I decided to go with it, as a test, for a Tour de Yorkshire 2018 race in 6 weeks and support Marie Curie Hospice.  The rewards of these small, mindful gestures can transform my emotions and improve my well-being.

Getting better nutrition allows me to train harder, which makes me a stronger athlete. I also have a much better relationship with food - I eat a lot and I don’t have to worry about eating the wrong things. I monitor my blood work, take my B12 and continue to educate myself.

Food preparation and eating don’t have to be tasks to complete. They can be meaningful experiences themselves. And these experiences add up to a happy life.

My words and images will be flying on my social media Instagram #28householdcavalry and website 

Try not to judge it. Just become aware of what you’re seeing and how it makes you feel, and go from there. And think How can you be more mindful in your everyday life and  began living more in line with my values ? 




UKCC Level 1 triathlon Coaching

6 weeks ago I managed to pass my UKCC Level 1 triathlon Coaching. And I have received this certificate just today
Doors open to the next level 😀👍🏼
Thank you to my family,friends, Paul and Zenith Tax Solution who has support me! 
"Don't live same year 75 times and call it a life."
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Key of success

"You don't always get what you wish for.
You get what you work for."

I have completed my Shropshire qualifier race in time within 116.85% of the winner so I'm able to qualify with roll down place or try to finish within the 4 highest place and get automatically qualify in Liverpool! 
That's what I'm going to do next! 
Goals that contribute to reach another goal ➡️➡️ 2017 Kitzbuhel ETU Standard Distance Triathlon European Championships!
So my Another Qualifier race is in Liverpool on 14th August! And I need to get faster 5-10 minutes in each discipline. It means 1500m swim under 26 minutes, 40km bike under 1hr 10 minutes and 10 km run under 40 minutes in 2 months from now. 
As a time runs from start to finish, with no breaks in-between and I am aiming to do it in 1 hr 25mins maybe a bit under .
Let the game begin :) ✌🏼🏊🏼🚵🏼🏃🏼



R.E.S.T. Recovery Equals Successful Training

You don't have to spend your rest days on the couch thinking about the training! Here's how I use my off days to promote recovery

Most athletes know that getting enough rest after exercise is essential to high-level performance, but many still over train and feel guilty when they take a day off. The body repairs and strengthens itself in the time between workouts, and continuous training can actually weaken the strongest athletes.


What Happens During Recovery?

Building recovery time into any training program is important because this is the time that the body adapts to the stress of exercise and the real training effect takes place. Recovery also allows the body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues.

Recovery time allows these stores to be replenished and allows tissue repair to occur. Without sufficient time to repair and replenish, the body will continue to breakdown from intensive exercise.

Symptoms of overtraining often occur from a lack of recovery time. Signs of overtraining include a feeling of general malaise, staleness, depression, decreased sports performance and increased risk of injury, among others.

 I don't exercise or really even move much during my rest days. I do very light activity like walking the dog or riding a bike for about 30 minutes and refreshing the head in mountain fresh air :)



Mistakes are the Stepping Stones To Learning

Well, we all make mistakes, but Again, I got lucky!!
I went for 43 miles ride and my bike got punctured in last 10 miles.
No repair kit I thought I will run those 10 miles.
But with no shoes on a main road! :DLucky me! After 4 miles painful run there were railway station!




Tryfan/ N Wales/ my second home

  • Height(m) 915
  • Height(ft) 3002
  • Location North Wales National Park Snowdonia  
  • Grid Reference SH664594 - 

Tryfan is It is a huge fin shaped mountain of rock and boulders that provides a exciting scramble several hundred metre high, easily accessible from the laybys of the A5 in the majestic Ogwen Valley

Absolutely great little rocky mountain, its my absolute favorite mountain, with so many different little twist and turns :)

Treat this one with RESPECT 





Functional Core Strength for Triathletes in 10 Minutes a Day

Functional strength work can help triathletes of all levels overcome muscular imbalances en route to becoming stronger, more efficient, and less injury-prone.

Triathletes must dedicate substantial training time to swimming, cycling, and running

A strong core is essential to everything the multisport athlete does



12 weeks to my Qualifier Traithlon

Its  12 weeks to my  Triathlon to qualify for Great Britain Age Group Team 2017 Kitzbuehel ETU Standard Distance Triathlon Championship.

I have promised to you to share my preparation with you. So this is how I do.

 Becoming a more efficient Triathlete is key if I want to keep advancing in the sport. That I have applied for Triathlon Coach Course.

I am so excited for taking the next step starting to train the Functional strength for Triathletes. This work can help me of all levels overcome muscular imbalances en route to becoming stronger, more efficient, and less injury-prone.

The principle of specificity states that triathletes must dedicate substantial training time to swimming, cycling, and running. Yet spending all our training time in these pursuits is a recipe for overuse injuries.

This is where supplemental strength training becomes an indispensable tool in the triathlete’s repertoire.



2017 Kitzbuehel ETU Standard Distance Triathlon European Championships

I've decided to pursue a career in Triathlons and I have choose to qualify for one of the GBR Age-Group Teams 2017 ETU Standard Distance Triathlon European Championships.
Shropshire Triathlon, Shropshire Council 29/05/2016 is one of three qualifier event for 2017 ETU Chamopionship.
I will guide you through everything I will need to prepare myself for this big dreamy event! 
Wish me luck to wear my name to get many supporters as I can for my charity



Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

 I motivated the players to keep them focussed and ensures they are fit enough to adhere to the game plan. They stayed on the task during my sessions and I also have the ability to take a step back and analyse, and if the fitness plan needs changing :) 



Pwllheli 50 miles road cycle to raise for the Education For The Children



It was my first 50 mile road race and I was extremely excited for the challenge,

I was determined not to just do the race but to beat my friend Alex who owns a bike shop in Llanberis. Alex sponsors me a great deal as he is just as passionate as myself about the charity and improving the lives of the children it helps.


We arrived early and got to the race presentation. The people were lovely and very helpful, the organizers and marshals that I spoke to were only happy to help advertise my fundraising for the charity.


The event started at 9am, there were 119 competitors in total, Alex and myself started in the same wave.

The start of the race was pretty easy and really good fun, after we got though Pwlhelli though it started to get serious.

Alex was in the front of me for the 10km, I managed to stay close behind him. However, once I warmed up, I got into the zone, which gave me the boost I needed to overtake him.

I have never done a specific cycle race only triathlons in the past, so it's safe to say that I lack the experience of how to use my energy in such a long cycle.  I have learned from the triathlons that it's important to save the maximum amount of energy for the last half an hour of the race. So knowing this I tried to keep in the 70 - 80% range of my maximum Heart Rate Zone.


Further into the race I passed one female, she was pedalling quiet fast as she said to me that she is warming up her legs because there is big steep hill coming up soon. I thought that I am okay with that, as I train in North Wales but this hill was immense!



The hot weather makes it very difficult and I really just wanted to get on the top of that hill. I realised from this challenge that I have to integrate more hills like this in to my training.


After making it to the top, it took me about 10 minutes to recover and got back to my race pace. The heat from the sun was killing me as I left my jumper on and didn't wanted to stop because I wanted to do my best and finish with a good result, so I just tried to not think about how hot was it!


I forgot about Alex until one guy passed me he told me that we are half way and my friend is just behind me.

I realized then that I would have to speed up because I didn't wanted to lose our game!

I didn't have clue how far we were from the end, but my water and energy drink were totally gone, this indicated that the end was not too far away.



I was in the last 10 miles of the race, that was hardest ride that I have ever had to do. No water, sweaty in my jumper in addition to the hot sun on the tarmac really made me feel totally exhausted.


I really just wanted to jump into sea that was next to me, then I started to think about the children, who have no food and water. This thought really pushed me forward.  I got very angry and wanted to get to the finish in a good position so that I could raise awareness and get as much money for them as much as I can!



I kept telling myself STRONG MIND=STRONG LEGS every single pedal stroke counts!  The last 4 miles were nice and flat on a good fast road.


I had to stand up for the end and use every last bit of energy and power to get to the finish! My Legs were burning and I was so thirsty but blocked these feelings from my mind. I said to myself. This is for you! For your children, I will never give up as I will fight for you and I have to get to the finish line.


I managed to catch my breath after I got to the finish and I started to feel a little bit proud of myself and what I achieved today. 

There were a nice couple that competed in the race at the finish that started to talk with me. They were local, they told me what their finish times were, I then realized that she was the winner because I heard my results over the megaphone. I was very proud of her as she competed in 2hr54mins which was 15mins faster than my time. My finish time was 3hr and 9 minutes I finished 2nd in female and 25th out of 119 overall. My friend Alex came 2 mins after me.

It was a fantastic race and a great experience, I met so many nice people. 

A big thank you for all marshals, organizations and everyone involved for an amazing event I'm sure I will be back next year!

I am really looking forward to entering my next  race in Pwlhelli now as it's such a beautiful place in North Wales.



So here is my story :) 




Brecon Sprint Triathlon and Pen y Fan challenge

It was my 6th Triathlon and I was excited as usual.

But I wanted to make some changes to my fundraising scheme because I love the mountains, which gave me a great idea.


My Triathlon will run through Brecon Beacons in South Wales and located there is the highest mountain in South Wales; Pen y Fan, which is  886m tall


I have set myself a challenge to run up and down the beautiful mountain immediately after the Triathlon, I've asked my supporters to sponsor me for this challenge to help raise as much money as possible for the Children in Guatemala. .


I asked Cathrine Pendelton for help who is a organizer and Triathlete competing in the Brecon Triathlon Club. She is a lovely lady and I can't thank her enough for help and support she's given me!


Thank you Cathrine!


So how did the race go ?


I arrived in Brecon a day before the race as it was a 130 mile drive from my home.

I shot some video when I arrived the Camp Site hoping to gain some new supporters for my cause.

video Block
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Afterwards, tired from driving and training I went and got some well deserved sleep.

The race started around lunch time, which gave me plenty of time to catch up on sleep and to get ready for the race!

So I got to the presentation and was given my race number; 126 and the swim start was at 2.05pm. This gave me some time to observe the other competitors and meet some of the other athletes. Before I knew it, it was time for the race to start. The water was fairly warm as I'm used to training in a lake back in North Wales. 16 lengths of the pool later, it was time for my favourite part of the race, I hopped onto my bike and rode as hard as I could. I found it harder than usual as I'd been running up and down Snowdon a couple of days before the race so my quads were killing me! I tried not to think about it and kept on pushing. There was a couple of fast guys and I did manage to catch up to one of them and matched his speed. Eventually I found to power to overtake him but this was on the transition and he was only 2 seconds behind me. I knew that I wouldn't be able to beat him as I'm not the best road runner, but I soldiered through and did my best,


Overall I really enjoyed the run as it was through a forested area which reminded my of home :). There was a great atmosphere at the race and everyone there really friendly. As I'm reaching the finish line I can see all my supporters cheering me on, They're most important thing to me when I race. When i received my medal it was presented to me by a group of young girls which empowered me as they reminded me of the Guatemala children.


So finish the Brecon Sprint Triathlon in 1:24 came 53rd of 182 overall which I was happy with, but I was 5th out of the female and 1st on bikes!


I still didn't know my results when I finish the rave, but as I promised I left afterwards to up Pen Y Fan, I drove the 4 miles to the car park and start my run up. I was still warm enough after the race and felt just as strong. I got to the top in 48 minutes and took some videos for my supporters and continued my run down the mountain. I was finished in 1 hour and 17 minutes and took the time to sit down and contemplate my accomplishments. 


I was exstatic when I recieved my results but i knew I could still do better, but in the end I'd met loads of lovely people and gained lots of tips and tricks for the race next year!


So I have raised £102 doing the Brecon and Pen y Fan Challenge and I will leave the fund open till my next race


So thank you all for reading this and please support me anything you can


my next race will be Pwlhelli 50 miles on 7th of June

                                Abersoch Sprint Triathlon on 13rd of June

                                Denibgh Sprint Triathlon on 21st of June

                                 Cardiff Olymic Triathlon on 28th June


You can support me on JustGiving and Facebook:



Slateman Full Triathlon for my charity EFTC

I’ve just completed my fifth triathlon!  This one was different to the last four as it was my first FULL one, which means I had to undertake a 1000m lake swim, a 51k hilly cycle ride and a 11km hill run. But I was so excited as this time the event was held where I now live: the Snowdonia National Park.


Hills are my ‘thing’ and now that I live in Snowdonia I can get out into the mountains any time I want. My favourite place to bike train is the Pen y Pass.

So, as you can imagine, I was really excited, especially because I’ve been training on the cycle route three times a week in the lead up to the competition.


So, how did it go?


Well, it was quite hard for me at first just because I’d worked at the BodyPower Expo exhibition at Birmingham over that same weekend, so I was  tired from driving to Brum on Thursday night, then working two days at exhibition and then driving back to North Wales on theSaturday night. 


My race started at 10am and, with only 6 hours sleep, I didn’t really feel like I could actually go through with it, but I was so excited that I just decided to just ‘go for it’ anyway.


On the Sunday morning when I arrived at the registration point in Llanberis there was an amazing atmosphere. So many fit triathletes running around me and very nice and friendly staff at reception. Finally I got my race number - 928 and my orange cap. Everybody was smiling and so helpful that I forgot to think about how tired I was and started to really concentrate on the race ahead.


There were four groups of different colours. Blue started first, then the yellows and then my orange group and finally the greens.


It was then that I noticed I was the only female in my group! I then realised that this was because I was racing instead of my friend, who is a man. But I like a challenge so I was happy to be surrounded by ‘manpower!’


Then it was time for the swimming section. Many other people just stood there by the water, but I knew what to do from my training experience: I splashed my face and warmed up with a few strokes before I started. It’s harder to swim in a lake because the type of water makes a big difference when you are a pool swimmer. I’d practiced lake swimming three weeks before this race so that I would be ready, and now we had just 5 seconds to go and ‘boom!’ the swim started!


I put my head down in the water to stay focused on breathing and keeping up a nice strong stroke, but it was hard because there were around 300 competitors and so some of them got in my way and were kicking me. So, after 200 metres, I changed to breaststroke just to stay focused tried to relax as my body was getting cold.


The swim went more easily then and I realised I was at the finish and could run to my bike. There was a really great atmosphere with spectators all around supporting everyone.


I ran to the transition and tried to get my wet suit off. Finally I got to my bike, took off the wet suit, put the helmet and boots on and ran to the road. I jumped on the bike and pedalled to the Pen y Pass hill. It’s three miles of nice steep hill, so I was really excited. Many people were struggling as they hadn’t had the opportunity to train in the hills, so I had the advantage.


The cycling was fast as I was in the men’s group and they had really strong riders, so I tried my best to keep up with them. We were going so fast that I didn’t even realise we had reached the Ogwen Valley. This valley is pretty tricky for the cyclist as it gets very windy there and so you can feel like you’re pedaling like fury yet getting nowhere. But it was my lucky day as the wind wasn’t as strong as it can be. 


I started to feel tiredness from lack of sleep, but I just wanted to keep up with my strong group of riders. We passed a lot of yellow competitors and that made me push even harder. And, at last, I reached the finish line. My legs felt like they were stuck to the bike and when I first dismounted I could hardly feel them, as they were so stiff. But I still wanted to keep going. I was warm enough and ready for 11km of hill-running around the Slates.


I put my shoes on and ran to the mountain. My legs still felt strong as I’d practiced some running drills and that helps! Many others walked up, but I found it easier to jog and use the power of my toes and gluteus. I got to the summit, but that was just the half-way point. It was a nice and flat fell run back to the finish. My legs felt so strong that I started to sprint. Down the hill in the forest was my class so I did big long steps and passed many people. I was only two km from the finish and felt really good. People gave us a lot support so I didn’t realise that I was just 200m away from the finish line. And that was an amazing feeling as people were shouting at us to go faster and faster.


“Get the race done….” I kept telling myself over and over again. ‘When it’s done then I can go to bed…’


Finally I reached to the finish line.


My legs started to hurt and my shin splints were killing me, but I just walked around, chatting to my friends to keep my mind off the pain. When I got back to my bike I just lay down and looked up at the sky. I said myself, “well done Luce! You did it and you enjoyed it!”


There is a guy who is my inspiration named Killian Jornet and he’s really motivated me as he’s the most dominant trail runner in the world.

I just said to myself “I want to be strong like him.” Thanks Killian for inspiring me.


Thanks also to my charity and the children in Guatemala for giving me all this power and the will to run. At the end of each race I feel proud of myself as I know I am doing all this for them, so that EFTC can fund the school and help the children to achieve their own ambitions in life.


And so I hope that you can support me in this and my future races by donating



So here are the results of my first FULL triathlon:

775th out of 1212 overall

63th of 179 female 

35th of 90 in my age category

LAKE SWIMMING 500m 00:14:51

BIKE 51km 1:50:44

RUN 11km 1:20:04

Total finishing time 3:28:26


Please support me anything you can!


A great event and a great experience where I picked up some helpful tips and met lots of new people!

Now I invite you to my next Sprint Triathlon in the Brecon Beacons on 30th of May 2015!

Thank you all for reading my story and I hope that you can support me. 


Lucy Lu :)



Mold Sprint Triathlon for Children in Guatemala

This was my third triathalon and I was very excited to be taking part.   With the loan of a van from a friend I was able to arrive the day before and spend the night camping near to the venue meaning I did not have to face a stressful drive in the morning.  I was awake by7am with a mixture of both nerves and excitement, however I had slept well and felt fit and ready for the challenge ahead.  The weather was somewhat deceiving being sunny but with a cold biting wind.  With all my preparations for the race in hand I was able to spend some time watching the other athletes arriving and seeing they all wore the same determined expression as I'm sure I did.  The time flew by but a few of the guys I spoke with gave me some good tips and advice on training.  It's a great buzz at these events meeting lots of amazing people with the same goals as myself.


However I was looking forward to my swim at 10.15am so I made my way to the pool.  I was drawn in the sixth lane, in a very strong group of athletes with one other woman in my group.  The guy next to me explained he didn't do many triathalons but once we were off he leapt ahead of me by about one and a half lengths which was a good pacemaker for me.  Sixteen lengths seemed to pass very quickly and I was soon out of the pool and jogging to my bicycle.


The cycling is my favourite part of the race, especially the uphill reps.  After the last triathalon in Pwllheli I was hoping for some hills this time and I wasn't disappointed over the 24km up and downhill race.  I felt good and my legs were full of energy.  I managed to pass quite a few men with one guy holding close to me almost all the way but fortunately they didn't manage to pass me.


It was as I was running back to the transition that I realised the guy following me was a woman.  As we parked up she said the ride had been hard for her but thanked me for leading her.  As I know my running is for now my weakest strength we enjoyed a laugh when I told her she could now be my leader.  As I never check the route before a race as I like the surprise I hadn't realised we had to run the route twice.  We kept the same pace until the second round when I turned the wrong way and I lost a little bit of time.  She eventually crossed the line 3 minutes ahead of me but as she is a strong experienced triathlete I was glad we had ran in the same group.  Overall it was enjoyable race experience.

 I finished in a time of
swim 400m 10:08.4, 
bike 25km 55:18.7, 
run 5k 24:00.4
in total 1.32.42

finished 52th of 132 over all and 7th in female.

Let me now invite you to my next challenge, the triathlon at Ruthin Sprint Tri on 10th of May 2015


Plese support me by donation or come to see me on the track :)




Mawddach Goldrush Fell Race for Guatemala Children .

As I had to work before the race I was pushed for time and only just made it to the start line at Coed y Brenin with a minute to spare.  With no time to warm-up or get a bottle of water I was not in the best of condition for my first ever fell run.  It was 8.5 miles and I didn't have a clue what was going on.  I told myself just keep on running and you will eventually get to the finish line.

The first 20 minutes was very hard with not doing a warm-up but I was determined to think only positive thoughts and although my legs felt heavy and I was dealing with shin splints I was focusing on both the tempo and finding a comfortable position.  It was a sunny hot day and I felt very relieved when I finally reached the water point at the 5 mile mark.  With water now in me I felt more comfortable.  The group of runners were probably in a finish but a few ran alongside me which helped push me to keep going.  A few times I wanted to give up from the pain of the shin splints but I tried to to focus on the children I am raising the money for and this spurred me on.  Thinking of the daily hardships they face helps me push towards my goal of raising as much as I can for them.  I'm lucky, I am fit and healthy and from this I can try to benefit those poor unfortunate children.

At last I could see the finish line and passing it I felt elated I had completed the race although I felt like I had no legs for a while after.

After a few minutes rest I joined the other contestants in watching the winners receive their prizes.  Although it had been a hard race I felt exhilerated and was very glad I had made it in time to participate in this challenging event.  The atmosphere was great and again I met really nice people.  As running is not my best strenth I was quite proud to finish in a time of 1.31.18 and finished 9th in a field of 31 female runners.

Let me now invite you to my next challenge, the triathalon at Sir y Fflint on 26th April.  Please support me and donate to my charity.  We need you.



Pwlhelli Triathlon for Children in Guatemala

Since my first triathlon in Harlech I have focused my training more on my running and swimming.  With only one week to train and having no real idea of what I need to do to improve, I sought out an experienced swimming coach.  We did a series of drills to improve my form and technique which helped me to complete my swim in 00.08.15.
Grateful for this time, I leapt onto the bike and surprisingly I seem to be flying and my legs feel good at this point considering the focus of my training had been the swimming and running.  I completed the cycling in 00.43.05.
The very flat run held no fear for me this time and I felt fairly comfortable as I completed the running in 00.26.41.
With an overall time of 01.21.46 I am aiming to get this to under 01.15.00 at my next race on 26th April at the Sir Y Fflint Sprint Triathalon.
A great event and a great experience where I picked up some helpful tips and met lots of new people.



My first Triathlon for Children in Guatemala




It was my first triathlon and I was very excited. Never have done anything like that before. But because I like training and new things and HIIT cardio that I wanted to try it.

As my swim is not the strongest part that I competed in 00:13:10 Grateful the swim is over and even more grateful that I am doing the sprint distance (400m swim, 20km bike and 5km run) I jump onto my bike - after finally locating it. The bike part goes well, I seem to be flying and my legs are full of energy. But the ride oon the way back was pretty hard for very strong wind. Tying to stay on a road and still keep pedaling that I was wishing to carry my back and run the last few miles.  I wasnt  pleased with my bike time of 00:54:41  but secretly even more pleased at overtaking quite a few men on the course, but now my mind turns to preparing for the run.

As i havent done road run for shin splints injure  I had no real idea how I will feel. But half run was in sand on the beach and finishing run was up hill that my leg was okay. Not really thinkning about the pain through the race because all what I am thinking its to get best of me! 

Because every my race I am raising a money for my sponsors charity EFTC thats very pushing me to go harder.

Wasnt   satisfited with my results but gave me a lot exprience and motivation for my another race.

Because if this is the way how I can help the children then I will go until I cant. 

Overall my time was 01:35:26. I had hoped to get 1:30 and maybe I will next time.





Raising money for Mark Allen's three charities

Entrepreneur Mark Allen, managing  director of Zenith Tax Solutions Limited is sponsoring me in Triathlon races, Welsh 3000's race over two year period. We will raise a money for his charities Education for the Children, the Royal Marine Association and South Warwickshire Dyslexia Association during that time.

Picture above ma presented a cheque at the Durham Ox in Shrewley to Mr Mark Allen



Welsh Three Peaks Challenge

Hi there,

As you may be aware on the 17th December I embarked on a little adventure to complete the Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge in aid of The Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Here is how it went!

So at 10am on Wednesday I started on my first mountain, Pen y Fan by de Clfn Cwm Llwch. The weather was not too bad and I made good headway and completed the 886m and back in 1 hour 26 minutes.
Once at the bottom I thought I would have a spot of lunch before I left the Brecon Beacons for a 21/2 hour drive to mid-Wales and the 893m Cadair Idris

                                                        Top of Pen y Fan, took me 54mins to get up to the top   

                                                        Top of Pen y Fan, took me 54mins to get up to the top


Unfortunetly by my 4pm start time the weather had closed in and at 300m I had to turn back as it was getting a little dicey and was getting dark. Being on my own and not having climbed this particular peak before (especially in the dark) I thought I should be safe, rather than sorry!
Instead I headed to North Wales towards my base camp at the foot of Mount Snowdon. I thought I could get up Snowdon during the night has I have done a couple of times before but the weather was still poor and a touch of fatigue had set in from the injury I picked up last week so once again I hedged my bets.
Upon waking on Thursday morning the weather was still closed in so I decided not to start my ascent until 1pm. This I did and managed to get from Pen y Pass to the summit in 1 hour 21 minutes and 56 seconds by the Pyg Track via Bwlch y Moch. At the summit gales swept through at gusts of 65-70 mph making it difficult even to stand up! Here I met two army lads at the top (big up to Billy and Charlie), who gave me a hot drink before I ran back down in heavy rain and very poor visibility – not too bad in 43 minutes and 22 seconds, especially as on my descent I had a bit of a tumble and took the skin off my right knee. Dicey times!!!

                           Top of Snowdon, took me 1hr 21mins via Pyg Track   A wet and wind above 500m westerly                                                                                50mph with gusts 70mph over the highest summits

                           Top of Snowdon, took me 1hr 21mins via Pyg Track  A wet and wind above 500m westerly                                                                                50mph with gusts 70mph over the highest summits

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Overnight I camped in the Ogwen Valley but had decided that I must complete the 3 peaks so I drove back to Cadair Idris on Friday morning and hallelujah……….good weather!!!!

                                   Top of Cadar Idris 893mvia Pony Path, took me 1hr 14 mins to get up to the top

                                   Top of Cadar Idris 893mvia Pony Path, took me 1hr 14 mins to get up to the top

I am really glad I did this as Cadair Idris is a beautiful mountain that I have never climbed before, it really does have some gorgeous views and I highly recommend that if you get the chance you should all venture up there. Up and down in 1 hour 54 minutes by the Pony Path from Ty Nant. As the Screaming Eagles of 101st Airbourne say ‘Curahee’!
What an experience I had, I am so pleased and proud of myself for completing this. My only negative is that due to the poor weather I didn’t do it in 15 hours.
Saying that I am very proud in my timings, all 3 mountains up and down……5 hours 35 minutes. The whole trip was completed in 52 hours. What an adventure and I cannot wait to do more for the hospital.
Snowdon 1085m was hardest one for very bad weather. A wet and wind above 500m westerly 50mph with gusts 70mph over the highest summits
Visibility moderate to poor in rain
And heavy rain on the way down.
But I didnt give up :)

So what is next I hear you say…….I may have slipped in a separate event. In this year 2015, as I met Mark Allen at my work place  and he  helped me out with my presentation evening and  I would like to raise a money for his charities. I have signed up to do the Triathlons,  3 Peaks of Yorkshire, Welsh 3000's   in aid of the Mark's charity what is EFTC.

Mark Allen who managing director of Zenith Tax Solutions Limited is sponsoring me for raising money for his three local charities Education for the Children, the Royal Marines Association and South Warwickshire Dyslexia Association.
     'I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, my sponsor Mark Allen and Zenith Tax.'

                                                                                  Me and Mark Allen 

                                                                                  Me and Mark Allen 

Thank you all for reading this and of course the fantastic support I have received from you all.

Thank you very much to all my supporters as it's gave me great pleasure in giving the Birmingham Children's Hospital a cheque for £1351.80
All of these achievements wouldn't be true without your financial assistance
Once again, many thanks and I’ll see you soon!
Lucy Lu x