Sunday 6th May 2018

Sunday 6th May 2018

Being passionate about my love for Yorkshire I decided to ride Tour de Yorkshire Sportive on 6th of May 2018. The route is 129 km long starts with 88 m elevation gaining to 2059 m elevation starting and finishing in  Leeds going throughout  heart of North Yorkshire.

I did find this really challenging especially living in depth of despair of not to be able to race in triathlons this 2018 season because of my injury. But I don't hold in emotional pain. Instead I make sure I tend my physical needs. I can explore the beauty of Yorkshire hills and work on my swimming. 

Experience is a great teacher.

Would like to say that I had a bright and early start for the 1st Tour de Yorkshire sportive.

In fact, the heavens had well and truly opened as we set off from Woodhouse lane in Leeds to tackle the tough course which covered much of Stage 4 of Tour de Yorkshire.  80 miles in 6:11:55 and again 4th in my age group. Nobody wants to come 4th! 

However, the Yorkshire folks who lined the route gave us plenty of warmth and encouragement to keep us going.  And you could see some world class triathletes on a course 

All in all a challenging, chilly and hilly day on the bike – but totally worth it!  Thanks Yorkshire! Struggle Dales next maybe ?